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About Hacer

Meet The Founder

Welcome to Hacer Design, where creativity and quality meet to bring your brand to life. I'm the founder and creative director, Milan, and I'm passionate about creating beautiful and effective designs that help businesses stand out and connect with their audiences.
As a one-person studio, I have the flexibility to offer personalized service and a direct line of communication with my clients. My goal is to build long-lasting relationships and help businesses grow through effective branding and design.

Founder, Creative Director

Milan Hamel

My name is Milan Hamel and I am a second-year UX/UI student at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. I am driven by a passion for design that dates back to my early days with my first iPod, and since then I have been captivated by the quality and elegance of Apple’s designs.

In addition to my studies, I am a dedicated swimmer and gym-goer, and I work as a swimming teacher to help children achieve their certificates. I also enjoy photography, and I take advantage of my holidays to capture interesting architectural and landscape scenes.

As a young and ambitious professional, I have started my own one-person design studio where I focus. I am passionate about helping businesses create distinctive and memorable brands that stand out from the crowd. With my combined knowledge and experience, I am confident in my ability to deliver exceptional design solutions for my clients.



Emphasizing the individualized approach to each project, ensuring that the client’s specific needs and preferences are the top priority.


Stressing the importance of close collaboration and open communication with clients, ensuring that their needs and preferences are heard and incorporated into the design process.


Emphasizing the ability to adapt and pivot in response to changing client needs, offering customized solutions and a willingness to go the extra mile.