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Blue Gym

Blue Gym is an upcoming gym in swimming pool Hofbad in the Hague, Netherlands. The gym belongs to Blue Marlins Swim Team, and is meant for the members of the swimming team to train and build strength in the new gym.


Blue Marlins Swim Team




Logo Design



Blue Marlins approached me to design the new logo for their upcoming gym called “Blue Gym”. Stof Rotterdam already designed the Blue Marlins logo. So the goal was to create a different look for the Blue Gym than their own logo while holding the familiar parts of the Blue Marlins logo.

For this logo, I had the idea to incorporate a barbell into the logo, so it is clearly distinguished from the blue Marlins logo. The marlin in the Blue Marlins logo is iconic for the swimming team. This was an aspect of the logo I wanted to keep.


To set the Blue Gym logo apart, I adjusted the angle of the marlin to fit the new logo and show a clear difference between the two logos.



Because I designed a logo for an existing brand. The colours were already defined by Stof Rotterdam for the logo of the swimming club. These colours are the three prominent colours used in all Blue Marlins branding.

Electric Blue


Blue Sail


Deep Black