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Getir is a delivery company that operates in Turkey and several other countries. Getir provides an app-based platform that connects customers with local couriers who can deliver food, groceries, household items, and other products within minutes. The company's mission is to make people's lives easier and more convenient by providing fast, reliable, and affordable delivery services.


Club Leaf & IceMobile


Food Delivery Services



UX/UI Design



This project was assigned by Club Leaf and IceMobile. Both companies are working on sustainable solutions. That is why they asked us to create a sustainable concept for the Turkish food delivery service company Getir. Together with my team, we came up with a great concept containing multiple functionalities that help improve the sustainability of Getir.


The project was assigned by two companies working together: Ice Mobile and Club Leaf. They are working on making the world a more sustainable place. In this project, we needed to design a digital product which helps the target audience make more sustainable choices.


Right now, the target audience (college students from 20 to 25 who live on themselves) does not really care about sustainability, or when they do they don’t have the money to make more sustainable choices because a lot of sustainable products are more expensive.

That’s why we came up with the design question “how are we able to stimulate college students between 20 and 25 who live on themselves, to make more sustainable choices by using the Getir app without actively changing their behaviour?”.


The goal of this project was to help the fast delivery service Getir towards a sustainable future with a redesigned app. This app helps the target audience make better sustainable choices for the environment.

Design Process

The project was split up into 4 phases, the discovery phase, the define phase, the develop phase and the deliver phase.

In the discovery phase, we started by doing desk and field research. After the research, we started the define phase off by making design principles and insight cards. Our design principles were meant to keep our design simple to navigate and easy to understand. The insight cards were based on our most valuable insights out of the discovery phase.

In the define phase, we came up with a concept that was based on time. Functionalities for now, for 5 years ahead and for 15 years into the future. After our feedback from the clients, we went with the functionalities for the present: carbon footprint reports, points system, local products and shared orders.

In the develop phase we started by making wireframes of how the app should look. While we were designing the app in Figma, we had a few feedback moments. We got the feedback to focus on the shared orders because instead of the points system. That was a breakthrough moment for us. From then on we focused on the three most important functionalities: shared orders, local products and smart AI (we used that functionality from our other concept). Under results, you’ll find the results of the delivery phase.


In the images below you see some of the screens we designed. With the shared order functionality, you are able to join someone who is ordering close to you or to let someone join you by scanning the QR code. With that feature, you reduce the total deliveries Getir has. The local products are shown on the home screen by featured products, in that way, the target audience is more eager to choose those products.

Carbon footprint reports are given after you made an order. And with our points system, the target audience is able to collect points to collect a discount code or a free product, we implemented this because the target audience is more focused on money than on sustainability. And last but not least, smart AI is meant to hold all these functionalities together by using the data of these features.