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Peter Buijs

Peter Buijs Administratieve & Fiscale Dienstverlening is a one-person company in the accountancy industry. Peter helps businesses and organisations with their administrative and financial matters.


Peter Buijs Administratieve & Fiscale Dienstverlening


Financial Services


Logo Design
Stationery Design



For Peter, I had the honour to do a logo re-design for his own company. The previous logo looked a bit outdated so Peter wanted a new one. In this project, I designed a new logo, a new brand identity and designed some brand attributes such as letterheads.


The business operates in the financial business, Peter wanted to convey a form of professionalism and trust. That is why I chose the colour blue (indigo dye).

Indigo Dye


Logo Construction


To bring back the checkmark in the icon, I placed the checkmark in the square that belongs to the stem of the P.

Letter P

On the left side, there’s a square and a triangle with a rounded side on top of each other. The square symbolizes the stem of the P and the triangle symbolizes the rounding of the P.

Letter B

On the right side, there are two circles with a right angle on top of each other. Together, they symbolize the two curves of the letter B.